First Quarter 2019 Books

January – April  2019 BOOKS Read  

Loved this biographical novel about Gini and Stephen Courtauld.  5 stars. See my review here

My Second Time to read this awesome book based on the true story of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society.

5 stars

Intriguing Historical Fiction about Nazi Hunters. 5 stars.  See my review here

A lovely story about a mysterious child that teaches two strangers how to love again.  4 stars

So glad I re-read this well written story of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and the struggles of the U.S Weather bureau. 5 stars

Great insight into the making of the beloved play. 4 stars

I must confess, after getting through the first four Outlander books, I was exhausted. I was thrilled to learn that this book gives the condensed version of the last four books. Hallejulah! It also includes some of the Lord John stories, but I didn’t read those. 4 stars.

One of the most depressing memoirs I’ve ever read. I wish I could forget the stories of his abusive childhood and general disdain for white people.

Interesting novel about a European circus that hid Jews and other refugees during WWII.

The first in Diane Kelly’s new Fixer Upper cozy mystery series. A fun read. 5 stars. See my interview with Diane here

A very short book about British explorer Henry Worsley, who was obsessed with treks to the Antarctic. Better to read hardback to see the numerous pictures. 4 stars

Cute story about a young woman who teaches a writing course to older Punjabi widows in London. For some dumb reason, I was surprised by the amount of erotica stories incorporated into the book. 4 stars

Fictionalized biography about the marriage of Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gelhorn. 3.5 stars.

A college student who needs to write a biography is introduced to a convicted murderer, who is dying. Good plot. 4 stars.

When her estranged father dies, a young woman goes to Tuscany in search of her father’s past and of course finds love. 3.5 stars

A historical novel based on the true story of high school teacher Tylene Wilson who became the first female high school football coach in Texas.