I Lost My Girlish Laughter

This epistolary novel gives us a secretary’s viewpoint of life at a 1930’s Hollywood studio through free spirited personal letters, newspaper gossip columns, telegrams, interoffice memos, calendar entries, and the secretary’s private journal entries. It was co-authored by Silvia Schulman Lardner, who was David O. Selznick’s personal secretary. The main character, Madge Lawrence, is clearly based on Lardner’s personal experiences. It is a quick and fun read for anyone who loves classic films or the film making industry.

The book introduction is invaluable to the modern reader, 81 years after the book was first published. It explains who the characters are modeled after as well as personal insight to the authors.

Thanks to #Netgalley and Penguin Random House for the advanced reader copy in exchange for my review. 4 stars!

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