Thank you to the Best PALS in the world

I am a member of PALS, the Philanthropic And Literary Society . This is a monthly book club in Arlington, Texas that was started in January 2011 by our fearless leader Barbara.

PALS meets once a month in each other’s homes. There are 11 members, so each member typically hosts once a year, then December is our dinner out. The host prepares the entree and the rest of us bring a side dish, wine, or nothing depending on what kind of day we’ve had. We eat, chat, and then talk about the book selection. Barbara keeps things fun with silly games and interesting questions. I am constantly amazed at the PALS’ brilliance, perception, and wisdom regarding the books, and life in general.

Over the years we have read Classics, Best Sellers, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Biographies, Autobiographies, and one graphic novel. The club has read and discussed nearly 100 books together. I will not attempt to address the number of calories we have eaten or bottles of wine consumed.

Now let me explain why these women are the best PALS in the world. At the March 2019 meeting, the PALS blessed me with dining gifts cards and some cash. This was a love offering because of the hectic travel schedule my husband and I were having for his out of town cancer treatments. They wanted to be sure that we were covered when it came to dining during these trips or times at home when I was just too tired to cook. Steve and I are so humbled by their generosity. Every time we have eaten a meal from this gift, I give thanks for their friendship. They love from the heart and it shows.

Thank you Barbara, Marilyn, Karen, Kathy, Linda, Cindy N., Cindy T., Cindy G, Peggy and Donna from the bottom of my heart. Your friendship, support and kindness help me in more ways than you know. Life is better with PALS on your side.

If you have a chance, let me know if you are member of book club. Does it have a name? What makes it special?

5 thoughts on “Thank you to the Best PALS in the world

  1. I never knew you could write so well!

    Being part of PALS I recognized your heart and everything you said was true about the group. So glad to be part of it with you.

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  2. So thankful for PALS. What a group! Mark and I have our own book club because nobody else except Sheldon Cooper likes the books we read :-).

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    1. It’s great that you and your husband share a love of the same books. Steve and I rarely read the same things since he doesn’t enjoy fiction.


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