The Huntress by Kate Quinn

The Huntress by Kate Quinn

Highly Recommended* historical fiction about a European team that catches a Nazi war criminal known as “The Huntress” in Boston in 1950. One of the central characters, Nina, was a member of the Night Witches, the World War II female military aviators of the Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment. Nina joins Tony and Ian, who run an office in Vienna that tracks down war criminals, since she has a common interest in finding The Huntress. The story also follows Jordan McBride, whose father has unwittingly married “Anna”, who was able to escape to America after the war with a small girl. Jordan immediately has suspicions about Anna that are quelled, but reappear five years later after a shocking incident. The story discusses the anomaly of Anna who is both a cold blooded murderer and a loving mother, wife, and step-mother.

The book discusses themes of loyalty, team work, vengeance,  forgiveness, and justice in regards to the treatment of war criminal.  It also delves into following a passion regardless of social norms.

The story line is informative, interesting and at times suspenseful. Kate Quinn is an excellent writer. I look forward to more great things from her. I listened to both the audio of this book and also The Alice Network. It was especially fun when a character from The Alice Network makes a cameo appearance in The Huntress.

*Highly recommended to all but my very conservative friends who would be very uncomfortable reading about a lesbian relationship.

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